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Client List:

American Idol
Glee - FOX TV
Disney Pictures / Disney Records
The Smashing Pumpkins

Nickelodeon Network
Flogging Molly
Snoop Dogg
Abbey Road, London / EMI Records
Matt Sorum (G n R, Velvet Revolver
The Veronicas

A Fine Frenzy - Alison Sudol
Idol Wrap
Idol Tonight

Thrive Records
Iron Maiden

Fantastic Sam's

Bruce Springsteen
E! Entertainment Television

Hairspray (on Broadway)
Nate Dogg

Warner Brothers / Time Warner Publishing


The Chelsea Handler Show
Manny Charlton / Nazareth
POP Sound
Alison Sweeney - Days of Our Lives (NBC)
The Biggest Loser
Method Man

Columbia Records
Universal Records
Carmen Rizzo
Bombay Dreams - Andrew Lloyd Webber
Warren G (Universal)
Bay City Rollers
David Palmer / Rod Stewart
Capitol Records
Clear Channel
Oxygen Network
Girls Bahaving Badly
Black Wallstreet Records / The Game/
Ron G
G Funk Productions
Julie Marie - Expose

North Carolina Client List/Studio Musicians

Jeanne Jolly
Bobby Patterson
Adam Pitts
Tarik Ghiradella
The Hot At Nights
Josh Kendrick
Chris Hendericks

Matt Bowen
Nick Baglio
Johanna Boberg
Chris Boerner
Living Arts College
Damien Benz
Mark McKee

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