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James Lugo now offers private voice lessons LIVE in person or via Skype.

You can now have LIVE private voice lessons with Hollywood's Top Rock & Pop Vocal Coach
from your home computer anywhere in the world using a web cam, you see me and I see you!
Whether you're in Boise or Berlin you can now train with an 'American Idol' coach!

Alison Sudol - A Fine Frenzy LINK

Email from vocal student Alison Sudol, lead singer for Virgin Records artist 'A Fine Frenzy'.

Aug 21, 2007 - James!!! Hi! Thank you about the video, things have been going so amazingly well. We're in Boston right now in the 3rd or 4th week (can't remember exactly :) of touring with Rufus Wainwright and my voice is holding up through 1-3 shows a
day and sometimes very sketchy sleep (as you're familiar with :) I warm up religiously, sometimes twice a day, and that
eeeeeeerroooooooyyyyyy thing you taught me has gotten me out of many a pinch. As for the House of Blues, I'll get you on the list or I'll buy you the tickets myself. After all you did for me, I'm certainly not letting you pay for your own tickets. :)
Love, Alison

Aalok Mehta, Singer/Actor and principle cast member in
Andrew Lloyd Webber's new Broadway musical 'Bombay Dreams'.

"I came to James ten months ago with damaged vocal cords, barely able to sing above middle C. My voice has drastically improved since studying with James. I am now singing with confidence and control above high C. My tone is more resonant and I know there is no ceiling on what I can sing. I just booked a job as an original cast member in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical “Bombay Dreams” on Broadway; I leave in two weeks for Manhattan! With James you learn technique while enhancing the ‘original’ sound of your voice. To have a vocal coach who understands technique as well as the industry is vital. Thanks James for your patience, courage, support and mad vocal skills. James you ROCK!" -Aalok Mehta, Singer/Actor, Bombay Dreams
Click HERE to visit Aalok's website!

"My work with Aalok has been life changing, to watch an artist overcome adversity is a true blessing. His voice is thick, rangy and dominant. I'm very proud of all the hard work and discipline Aalok has displayed. Aalok you ROCK!"
-James Lugo

Hear James "Live" on "The Samm Brown Radio Show"
KFPK 90.7 FM, Los Angeles April 23, 2002

1. Introduction to radio show MP3
2. What's the TRUTH about singing on tour? MP3
3. What's the TRUTH about singing on tour? Part2 MP3
4. What are the challenges of being a vocalist? MP3
5. Will voice lessons help my speaking voice? MP3
6. What people are saying about James' NEW Book & CD Series! MP3


Singing on the road can send the unprepared vocalist back to their day job...

As a rock singer, no coach ever warned me about the rigorous demands of touring... they were teachers, not singers and simply didn't have the experience. I had no idea I'd be dealing with smoke, hyperventilation, lack of sleep and loud stage volume. What are you doing today to develop your voice? Study rock singing from a coach who actually sings rock.

Whether you're a singer coming to us already beaten' up by incorrect technique or this is your first experience with singing and voice lessons, the benefits of training are immeasurable. The students at Vocal Asylum range from established career recording artists to upcoming professional vocalists to beginners with the hunger to make it. My goal is to strengthen and refine your voice, without losing that raw urban tone that sells millions of records. In short, I'll help you retain a natural and organic vibe. If you're ready to get serious give me a call.

-James Lugo, Master Vocal Coach, Vocal Asylum

Also available is James' Vocal Instructional Series
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on Groove3


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